KBIT Cloud Backup Solution – Completely Outsource Your Backup Needs

KBIT Cloud Backup offers your business a completely automated and managed, cloud backup solution at a fixed monthly cost.

THREE separately included backup solutions, we can offer your business complete piece of mind when it comes to protecting your businesses data.

Backup path 1

NTFS file/folder backup to the KBIT Cloud. Basic File and Folder backup and restore.

Backup path 2

ShadowProtect complete system image backup to local storage On Premise. For Disaster Recovery

Backup path 3

ShadowProtect complete system image backup replicated to the KBIT Cloud. For Complete Disaster Recovery

KBIT Cloud Backup Solution

– How critical is your system? The frequency of each backup can be scheduled from once a day to once every 15 minutes.

– Keep your backups for as long as you want. Retention of your backups are customisable from 30 days to 7 years+.

– Know your backups are successful and reliable copies exist on the server

– Daily/weekly/monthly KBIT Backup reports.

– Automated backup alerting on all backup success/failures/errors/warnings.

File or Folder accidentally Deleted/Overwritten/Corrupt:

– Data recovered from KBIT Cloud in a few minutes – BACKUP PATH 1

Hardware/Server failure, Complete System Failure or Corruption:

– Server Restored from Local Disaster Recovery – BACKUP PATH 2
Hardware Independent Restore your server to newly purchased or temporary hardware.

Hardware/Server/Office Destroyed Through Fire, Flood, Theft or Other:

– Server and Data Restored to new Hardware from the cloud – BACKUP PATH 3 and BACKUP PATH 1
Hardware Independent Restore your server to newly purchased or temporary hardware.

– All of your backups are safe and fully encrypted in the cloud and locally using AES 256-bit encryption

Sector/Block Level System Backup
– Backup ENTIRE system: COMPLETE snapshot of the system at that point in time, not just the files
– Backup at the Block Level: Simply put; SUPER fast backups with SUPER small backup images
– Restore ENTIRE system: COMPLETE system restore from that point in time, not just the files
– To different hardware: No need for identical hardware to restore to
– In minutes, NOT hours: No need to reinstall the OS, then software, then restore data
– Restore files in SECONDS: Quickly open any backup image from any point in time in 2 clicks
– No Extra add-ons/modules required: Out-of-the-box system backup and restore including SQL and Exchange.
– VirtualBoot your backed up system: Boot a backup image of a machine in minutes, virtually on your computer. Allowing for: verification, testing, access to, and retrieval of, data from proprietary software
– Fully Automated backups, verification, testing, consolidation and remote storing of backups
Fully Automated
– Schedule incremental backups to run from once a day to once every 15 minutes (up to 96 small backups a day!)
– Consolidation of backup images each night: 1 full backup then incrementals forever with fully customisable consolidation and retention policies
– Verification of backup images run after each backup, each consolidation and again after 7 days: Know your backups are reliable and ready to restore when you need them
– Stream daily backup images to secure offsite storage: Send you backup images to offsite storage for safer keeping
– Consolidation and re-verification of streamed backup images at secure offsite storage: Know your offsite backups are just as reliable in case of an emergency